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Alpha 9500 / Ham Radio Deluxe software

I wrote this program to allow Ham Radio Deluxe to control band switching on the Alpha 9500.
N1MM will work instead of HRD but without automatic exciter power control.
It has been set up to work with the IC-7600 and the Flex radios via Ham Radio Deluxe. I received word that it also works with Yeasu FT-5000/HRD.
It will do other radios but may require some slight changes.
It will also work without HRD for the IC-7600, and IC-7410 (probably other ICOM radios).


It's free:

Step 1 (Version 2.22 September 16th, 2018) Click here to download - Save this to a folder. Extract it, also extract the internal zip file and install the fonts.
Step 2 Download KeySight VEE Runtime - KeySight VEE Runtime Library (183MB). Need to install VEE Runtime.
Step 3 When the software is installed and the files are copied to your experiment folder, plug the amplifier into your computer (USB Cable)
Step 4 Run HRD or N1MM
Step 5 RUN "Alpha9500SerialPortInterface.vxe"

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