David Mulvey - KD6BZN

InputMan / Exciter Power Control

The InputMan (Input Manager) adjusts your radio output into your generic amplifier together with Ham Radio Deluxe.

It will work with the following radios:
Yeasu FT-5000
If you have a different radio, then install the software and try it.
If it doesn't work, contact me. It's a simple addition to a spreadsheet to make it work with your radio (via HRD)


It's free:

Step 1 (Version 0.5 May 15, 2022) Click here to download - Save this to a folder. Extract it, also extract the internal zip file and install the fonts.
Step 2 Download KeySight VEE Runtime - KeySight VEE Runtime Library (183MB). Need to install VEE Runtime.
Step 3 Run HRD
Step 4 RUN "InputMan.vxe"

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